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LMaS will be a unique Post-16 school for Leeds, providing a specialised curriculum for students who have a passion and flair for Mathematics.

As one of only a handful of Mathematics schools in the country, we firmly believe that LMaS will provide opportunities for students that they may not normally have in traditional sixth-form provisions.

The primary aim of LMaS is to prepare the most mathematically able pupils to succeed in mathematics-related disciplines at highly selective universities and pursue mathematically intensive careers.


Executive Principal Welcome

Welcome to the website of the Leeds Mathematics School (LMaS).  I am delighted that you are interested in finding out more about the unique opportunities available at the school. LMaS will open in state-of-the-art accommodation in September 2023. The school will occupy a prestigious site in the very heart of the city centre. The first cohort of 80 Year 12 students will be trailblazers for the Maths School movement in the city of Leeds.

LMaS is a unique partnership between The GORSE Academies Trust and the University of Leeds. The partnership will bring together two of Leeds’ most successful education providers and will seek to establish Leeds as a city where the study of mathematics is second to none.

What will the Maths School offer to students?

  • World class teaching of Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • World class facilities for the study of mathematics and related STEM subjects
  • A curriculum enriched by specialist from the University of Leeds Faculty of Mathematics
  • Teaching beyond the curriculum to better prepare the most able mathematicians for university study
  • Specialist preparation for STEP and other admissions tests.
  • Insight into the range of specialist careers available for highly numerate graduates.
David Holtham

The Leeds Mathematics School joins a national network of Maths schools. The countries first Maths Schools to open were Kings Maths School and Exeter Maths School. Both schools are graded ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted and both were in the top 1% of schools based upon A Level Mathematics 2019 progress data.

LMaS will bring together the most talented mathematicians in the region and then immerse them in a culture focused on a love and passion for mathematics. In doing so LMaS will develop their skills and abilities way beyond what is traditionally possible at sixth form level.

David Holtham
Executive Principal
Post-16 Education
The GORSE Academies Trust.


Vision & Ethos

When you join Leeds Mathematics School you will be joining a unique school, founded by two of the highest profile education institutions in the region: the University of Leeds and The GORSE Academies Trust. Both of these partners have incredibly strong traditions of achieving high-quality academic outcomes for students, combined with the development of a breadth of wider skills for their future lives.

Our vision is to bring exceptional Mathematics teaching to Leeds, providing the inspiration and support for highly numerate students to flourish, in turn preparing them for the future opportunities that Mathematics can bring them. We passionately believe that this vision is applicable for any student, irrespective of their background. At the core of our aspiration is a desire to widen participation in A-level and degree level Mathematics for students who do not traditionally engage with this subject.

Alongside the education we provide to our own students, we will deliver engaging outreach programmes for the development of Mathematics in Leeds. These programmes will involve pupils from primary age upwards, and will support children in developing a greater love for Mathematics, and building networks with like-minded peers. Through this work we will provide opportunity to deepen and broaden Mathematical skills and provide support for pupils as they undertake their GCSE examinations.

Working at LMAS

As we move towards our opening date we will be able to share more detail about potential opportunities to join the LMaS team, and contribute towards the exciting development of our school.

If you are interested in learning more about LMaS, and exploring future opportunities within our school please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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