The formal admissions process for prospective LMaS students will open at the start of Year 11 each year, for students wishing to join in the September of the following year. An overview of the application process, requirements for admission and timeline can be seen in the accompanying information sections below.

LMaS welcomes applications from students from all schools within the Leeds and the surrounding areas and is passionate that Mathematics should be a subject available to all, regardless of their background.

Final few places available for September 2023: don’t miss out!

Details will be available in the Autumn term for September 2024 applications


Admissions overview

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5


Review and Selection

Conditional Offer

GCSE results

Formal offer and enrolment

Entry requirements

  • At least 6 GCSEs (or equivalents) at Grade 6 or above to include:
    • 7 or above in Mathematics
    • 7/7 or above in combined Science, or a 7 or above in Physics or Chemistry (based on subject choice)
  • 5 or above in GCSE English Language



Your formal application will include:

  • A 300 word personal statement of application
  • Confirmation that we may approach your current school
  • Confirmation of your course choices



We will ask your school to provide feedback on:

  • Your forecasted grades for GCSE’s/equivalents; providing us with the details for our minimum entry requirements
  • Attendance
  • Commitment and attitude to learning


The student interview will allow us to find out more about you and importantly for you to find out more about us.

We will be looking to understand why you want to join us at LMaS and how you see your future career developing.

Importantly, we will also want to understand how you see yourself developing as an individual, by joining us at LMaS.


A conditional offer will be made based on the outcomes of your full application process.

All conditional offers will be dependent on the achievement of the minimum entry requirements from your Year 11 exams.

In the event of over-subscription, we will have a defined set of prioritisation criteria.

You must accept your conditional offer within the defined timeframes. If you do not, then you may receive lower priority.


After you receive your formal GCSE/equivalent results (in August) you will need to advise us of these.

The process for completing this update and the timeframes associated with this will be provided for you.

If you do not meet the timescales for supplying us with your results you could receive a lower priority in the formal offer stage.


A formal offer will be made based on the details of your conditional offer and the outcomes of your Year 11 exams.

The acceptance of the formal offer will be the completion of your enrolment process at LMaS.

You will have a defined timeframe to accept this offer. If you do not meet these timescales, you may lose your place at LMaS.