The case for the development of a centre of excellence for advanced level mathematics is compelling. The economy of the Leeds city region is currently the largest outside of London, larger than 9 of the current EU member states and is also the UK’s largest manufacturing centre.

Leeds is a region of growing opportunity and LMaS will provide students with an education which will allow them to unlock their personal future ambitions.



The focus on providing our students with a breadth of opportunity is central to our purpose. It is underpinned not just in formal A Level qualifications, but also in the wider personal development of students.

Our curriculum, centred on mathematics and the mathematical sciences, will provide qualifications that are forecast to be in high demand. Our enrichment programme, engagement with the University of Leeds and regional industries, will support students with the development of complementary skills.

Throughout their time at LMaS our students will, through engagement with their tutors, pastoral team and careers advisors, be supported as they consider their future options. With a structured programme through Years 12 and 13, students will be provided with guidance, information and support as they shape their future. Be this university education, advanced apprenticeships or other pathways, we are confident that LMaS will provide students with the ‘gift of opportunity’ for their future.


The Leeds Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is clear that skill development is a key priority if the goals of the regions 2016-2026 Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) are to be achieved.

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Key to the SEP are the forecasts for growth in high skill employment areas including:

  • Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Financial and Professional Services
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Biotechnology and Medicine

It is into these emerging employment areas that we envisage the graduates of LMaS entering. The ability of cities such as Leeds to train and then retain highly educated and qualified labour appear crucial to the economic prosperity of the region.

Students from open Maths Schools have gone on to study at some of the most prestigious universities and secured employment in a wide variety of roles. A significant number have also progressed to post-graduate study in both Masters and PhD programmes.