In today’s increasingly competitive world, it is not enough just to have qualifications; universities, apprenticeship providers and employers want you to have a range of other skills. Leadership, team working, communication, project management and problem-solving skills can also be developed through enrichment activities. They will make you a well-rounded applicant whichever pathway you decide upon.

It is important to develop hobbies and interests to combat the stress of exams, competing for university places, homework and assessments, as well as to meet new people and socialise!

¿Andrew McCaren 15/12/2020 Leeds UK. Daisy Anderson 14 & Ebrahim Jarjoue 15 row on the River Aire in Leeds this morning as part of the Gorse Academies work to get children into rowing. The Gorse Academies in Leeds are encouraging children from impoverished backgrounds to take up rowing. Photo Credit: Andrew McCaren for The Times

Alongside academic study, LMaS will provide a specific enrichment programme for all students. The enrichment programme at LMaS enables students the opportunity to develop new interests, become more knowledgeable and skilled in an area, boost their self-confidence and benefit from doing something away from their main academic subjects.

Increasingly, employers and universities say they are looking for applicants with a wide range of employability skills; the CBI say that over 70% of employers want employability skills to be a top education priority. These so called “essential skills” such as leadership, team working, communication, project management and problem-solving can be developed through these extracurricular activities.

LMaS will provide an exceptional enrichment package for all our students. We believe that students should have plenty of opportunity to access a range of activities that will enrich a traditional academic curriculum. Each Wednesday afternoon, the timetable is dedicated to enrichment opportunities, for example:

  • ‘Be active’ – sport and physical activity
  • ‘Stand out’ – enhance your wider academic skills
  • ‘Get involved’ - volunteering and social responsibility
  • ‘Keep learning’ – try a new or different subject of learning
  • ‘Explore’ – build or develop a new skill

As part of The GORSE Academies Trust, LMaS students will be able to access the wide range of sport and wellbeing activities that are offered to all our students. This can include the opportunity to participate in some of our ‘Big 3’ activities; rowing, volleyball and karate.