LMaS is a specialist sixth form college for high-attainers who are excited about mathematics and who want be part of a community of equally enthusiastic learners and teachers. Our unique curriculum has been imaginatively designed to ensure you achieve highly and leave LMaS with many and meaningful choices available to you: in your learning, in your career, in your life.

The foundational principles of the LMaS curriculum are

  • the highest-quality teaching of mathematics and mathematical sciences in brand-new facilities;
  • preparation for the next stages of your educational and employment journey;
  • support for you to develop the skills and attributes that will enable and empower you to make significant future contributions to this region, to your community, and to global society;
  • every aspect of teaching, learning and assessment is research-led and evidence-informed, so that you have the very best experience in every lesson, every activity, every time.

In Year 12 and Year 13 you study A-level Mathematics and A-level Further Mathematics. You take A-level examinations in both of these subjects at the end of Year 13.

In Year 12 you also study two subjects from A Level Physics, A Level Chemistry, A Level Computer Science or A Level Mandarin Chinese. You take an AS-level examination in one of your two chosen subjects at the end of Year 12. Then you focus on the other subject in Year 13 and take the A-level examination at the end of Year 13.

You get at least 4.5 hours of teaching each week in each subject.


You also follow three programmes that are unique to LMaS. In Year 12 you complete the Leeds Mathematics Certificate (LMC), and you also have weekly Advanced Mathematical Problem-Solving (AMPS) lessons. In Year 13, you construct The Bridge curriculum, your own bespoke programme that prepares you for degree-level study. In AMPS lessons and Bridge sessions you explore mathematics and the mathematical sciences further and deeper than examinations ask you to. We hope these ‘tastes of things to come’ will help you make informed and successful choices as you plan your academic journey after LMaS.

You can read more about each subject we offer on these pages: