Further Mathematics

A Level Further Mathematics offers students an opportunity to deepen their mathematical knowledge. Further Mathematics will both deepen students understanding of topics studied in A Level Mathematics and introduce brand new topics of study such as complex numbers, hyperbolic function and matrices.

A Level Further Mathematics allows you to study a wider variety of mathematics beyond the A Level Mathematics syllabus, including mathematics with real-life applications and a real focus on the problem-solving.


Within the A Level Further Mathematics course there are two compulsory modules:

  • Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics 1
  • Paper 2: Core Pure Mathematics 2
    Proof, complex numbers, matrices, further algebra and functions, further calculus, further vectors, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions, differential equations.


There are also modules which will flex to the demographics of our cohort:

  • Paper 3: Further Mechanics 1
  • Momentum and impulse, work, energy and power, elastic strings and springs and elastic energy, elastic collisions in one-dimension, elastic collisions in two dimensions.

  • Paper 4: Decision 1
  • Algorithms, graphs and networks, algorithms on graphs, route inspection problems, the travelling salesman problem, linear programming, the simplex algorithm, critical path analysis.

Further Mathematics A Level supports many career pathways – especially those linked to numerical analysis such as careers in mathematics, physics, engineering, data analysis and computer programming to name but a few. It is highly regarded by employers and universities; it shows a fantastic level of mathematical ability, problem-solving skills and logical thought process. All these lead to you developing your analytical skills, required for most careers.