Significant extension to the breadth and depth of the Further Mathematics curriculum would come from the completion of the Leeds Mathematics Certificate. Curriculum time will include a focus on this award over the two-year period to evidence the importance of extension and depth study. Students will play an active role in shaping their own projects, which could be individual or group-based activity and in defining their topic of choice.

Designed to bridge the gap between sixth form study and university study. The certificate is a mechanism which will expose students to ‘real world’ problem-solving and allows for the development of skills which are valued by the world of work. It will support students in undertaking advanced university admissions tests such as STEP and MAT and provide preparation for other careers. Year 12 will be spent developing the required skills and exploring the opportunities for the more detailed focus and specialisation that will take place in Year 13. The key skills of project management, problem-solving, debating, making presentations and teamwork will be developed via this award.

The Leeds Mathematics Certificate will incorporate open-ended ‘real-world’ problems into the curriculum. This is a key component of the undergraduate curriculum in mathematical study and recognises that there is often not a single answer when dealing with an issue. The design of the certificate has been in collaboration with University of Leeds staff, and we would expect students to be working alongside staff and students as they complete their projects.

Many of these projects are based on problems and questions provided by networks of business and industry partners. There would be opportunity for students to link with representatives from industry, as well as interact with university staff and students. Through the completion of the certificate, LMaS students will gain an insight into how mathematics is used in various sectors and become aware of the multitude of career opportunities for numerate graduates.

Maths Certificate (1)