Dress Code

LMaS is a professional learning environment, and we expect the choices you make each day of what to wear will reflect and support this.

For example, choices such as

  • Jeans / trousers, dresses / skirts
  • Jumpers / hoodies, t-shirts / shirts
  • Trainers / sandals / shoes / boots
  • Jackets / blazers (but outdoor coats must not be worn indoors)

are likely to be consistent with our expectations.

We very much encourage you to express yourself positively through your make-up and hair style, with accessories such as jewellery and badges, and by clothing that has traditional, cultural or religious significance to you.

In contrast, choices such as

  • Ripped clothing, e.g. ripped jeans / trousers / skirts / dresses, ripped shirts / t-shirts
  • Tracksuit bottoms, jogging bottoms, sports leggings
  • Shorts, short skirts
  • Crop tops / strappy vest tops.
  • Sliders / flip flops / crocs
  • Caps, hats (worn indoors)
  • Clothing with offensive language, symbols or slogans, even if you think they aren’t offensive, or don’t mean them to be.

do not meet our expectations and are not permitted.

Of course, sports clothing is allowed for sports activities (e.g. Wednesday afternoon rowing): there are changing and showering facilities at LMaS.