The members of LMaS’ Local Governing Body (LGB) come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. We have complementary skills that enable us to fulfil our role as critical friends of the school who give support and challenge to the Principal and the senior leadership team. We are united in our determination to lead the strategic development of LMaS so that it becomes a beacon of mathematical excellence in our region. We are committed to ensuring that all students at LMaS, and especially students from disadvantaged backgrounds, not only achieve the excellent results but also develop the life skills that, together, will give them rewarding and worthwhile choices for further study and future employment.

It is an absolute privilege to be Chair of Governors at this exceptional institution. Individually and collectively, governors have a significant role to play, through our regular scrutiny of the School’s plans for continuous improvement, its vision to be at the forefront of educational thinking and practice, and its determination to ‘change the deal’ for high-attaining mathematicians in Leeds and the surrounding region. The LGB has been constituted to ensure that LMaS maximises the opportunities arising from our unique partnership between The GORSE Academies Trust and the University of Leeds. I am incredibly fortunate to be joined on the LGB by governors with backgrounds in key areas such as mathematics teaching, curriculum development, widening participation, safeguarding, school leadership and educational governance. We are looking forward to supporting Leeds Mathematics School on its journey from ‘starting up’ to having impact and renown locally, regionally and nationally.

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, please contact and mark your email ‘For the attention of the Chair of Governors’.

Jon Fyffe
Chair of Governors
Leeds Mathematics School

Our Governance Team

Jon Fyffe

Jon Fyffe

Chair of Governors
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Steve Gleadall

Governing Body

Jon Fyffe (Chair) GORSE Appointed 15/03/2023 14/03/2027 Safeguarding Yes N/A Governor at Morley Newlands Academy Lisa Fyffe (Spouse) - Teacher, Morley Newlands Academy 3/3
David Holtham Executive Principal Post-16 15/03/2023 14/03/2027 - Yes N/A Governor at Elliott Hudson College Member of the U-Maths steering group N/A 3/3
Robert Wilne Principal N/A N/A - Yes Partner works for MESME charity that coordinates Maths Circles programme. LMaS leads the programme in the W Yorkshire region. Trustee of Sofronie Foundation, appointed 1 June 2022 ( N/A 3/3
Richard Jarvis GORSE Appointed 15/03/2023 14/03/2027 - Yes N/A Trustee - The GORSE Academies Trust N/A 3/3
Steven Gleadall (Vice Chair) University Governor 15/03/2023 14/03/2027 CIEAG Yes Employee of University of Leeds. Educational Engagement Manager 02.04.2007. UoL is a partner of GORSE in the establishment and running of Leeds Mathematics School (LMaS) N/A N/A 3/3
Margit Messmer University Governor 15/03/2023 14/03/2027 CIEAG Yes I am a Principal Teaching Fellow (working as a lecturer and admissions tutor) in the School of Mathematics at the UoL. UoL is in a formal partnership with GORSE. N/A N/A 2/3
Colin Fishwick University Governor 15/03/2023 14/03/2027 Health & Safety Yes Employee of University of Leeds. UoL is a partner of GORSE in the establishment and running of Leeds Mathematics School (LMaS) N/A 3/3

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