To achieve equity, some LMaS students need more support and we are committed to delivering this using a full range of LMaS provisions as well as working with external partners and agencies. We undertake several formal steps throughout each student’s journey with us, to ensure that we have an accurate and detailed knowledge and understanding that is recorded in our SEND register. This is an active document which is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it serves the needs of our students most effectively.

Identifying how we can support each LMaS student begins at the application stage of their journey to LMaS in Year 11. A pastoral interview as part of the admissions process helps with the early identification of what each young person needs, and also ensures equitable access to the admissions process including the academic aspects of selection. From this early stage we begin to build a picture of how we can support the young person when they arrive at LMaS. We also welcome parent and carer contact at these early stages as you explore whether LMaS is the right provision for your child as they consider further academic study after GCSEs. As we collect information throughout the application process, we are able to establish a wide range of diagnosed or undiagnosed needs and the nature of any support a young person received while at secondary school, including their normal way of working and any access arrangements that were formalised for examinations

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Before our students join us

During face-to-face taster days, multi-day GCSE revision support sessions, and through communication with a young person’s existing secondary schools, we build relationships and collect additional information to make transition as smooth as possible while supporting psychological safety. The formal enrolment process includes information forms completed by the young person and their parents or carers. Subsequently, receipt of Common Transfer Files (CTFs) from secondary provision ensures continuity of care. When an LMaS student has a combination of medical and SEND needs, these will be approached in a coordinated way.

Welcoming our students to LMaS

At the start of Autumn term, as our new LMaS students arrive and begin to settle in, we meet individually with students and where appropriate their parents or carers too. Our aim is to address concerns or challenges and to help everyone to settle in effectively. We complete Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for specific LMaS students covering all areas of SEND, EAL and Social Emotional and Mental Health issues (SEMH) that may have been raised or brought to our attention by their previous school, through exam access arrangements, or which we have observed during the admission and enrolment process. We aim to complete all IEPs by the end of the first half-term. All our teachers are involved in the process of ensuring every student has the support they need to thrive.

There is review of each IEP from each member of staff to ensure that there is consistent knowledge and understanding of the strategies and support that need to be in place, and to enable the process of identifying individuals who may benefit from examination access arrangements to start or continue to receive this as part of their normal way of working, so that a clear ‘Evidence of Need Audit’ can be produced.

We are committed to facilitating effective communication with LMaS students and their parents and carers and to communicate in a way that works for you. We are very keen to learn about the languages spoken at home, and we encourage LMaS students to celebrate their bi and multilingualism. If additional support is required in English, or if additional testing is required for admissions to university such as IELTS, we are committed to helping LMaS students to access this and to ensure it does not limit their options or outcomes.