Our Vision & Purpose

Leeds Mathematics School has been set up in partnership by the GORSE Academies Trust and the University of Leeds in order to

  • Enable high-attainers to
    • graduate successfully with Mathematics or mathematical Science degrees from well-regarded universities, or
    • complete successful degree apprenticeships with national or global employers,
  • and then go on to achieve highly throughout a rewarding career.
  • Close existing, entrenched gaps in A-Level and HE mathematical sciences and STEM-related careers, in particular gaps in the
    • participation of female & female-identifying students;
    • attainment of students who are Widening-Participation eligible.
  • Be a national centre of excellence: the ‘go to’ for inspired and inspiring pedagogy in mathematics and mathematical sciences, continuing professional development, pastoral support, careers and employment advice and guidance, employer partnerships, Outreach.

Both the GORSE Academies Trust and the University of Leeds have incredibly strong traditions of achieving highest-quality academic outcomes for students, combined with the development of a breadth of wider skills for their future lives. The University and Trust leaders, the governors and the teaching and operations staff at LMaS, we are all determined that LMaS will be:

  • The ‘destination of choice’ for A-level study for high-attaining mathematicians in the Leeds and West Yorkshire region with a home-to-school travel time of up to 60 minutes, especially for students who are Widening Participation-eligible and/or are from groups currently under-represented in mathematics and the mathematical sciences in higher education and STEM-related careers.
  • A socially diverse, culturally rich, intentionally inclusive community in which all LMaS staff and LMaS students, and also their parents and carers, and all guests and visitors, feel safe and welcome, and in which everyone is encouraged and enabled to develop themselves, intellectually and personally.
  • A centre of excellence with a national reputation for
    • teaching A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics and the mathematical sciences;
    • internal and Outreach teacher Professional Development in Mathematics and the mathematical sciences, in particular Professional Development focusing on teaching high-attainers;
    • sustained Outreach enrichment programmes for high-attainers in Key Stage 4 and younger, especially those who are Widening Participation-eligible;
    • imaginative building design and innovative use of teaching and learning spaces;
    • mutually-developmental partnership activities with HE and STEM-related employers;
    • careers and employment advice and guidance that directly and successfully unblocks social immobility and undoes systemic inequalities in higher education, employment and UK society.

Working at LMaS

Vacancies to work at LMaS are advertised on the GORSE Academies Trust website. Teaching roles are advertised in the TES as well. When a role is advertised, we encourage you to apply quickly as we may interview and close the appointment before the final date.