As a Maths School, our aims are not just to provide a world class education for the students that join us, but to provide exciting opportunities for students at all key stages to enrich and deepen their mathematical understanding. As we grow, we will offer a mix of opportunities, from in person events at a state of the art new building on the Headrow to digital delivery to larger groups of students online.





This blended approach will continue into the way that we deliver outreach in partnership with the University of Leeds. As our key strategic partner, the university, through its rich tradition of research and focus on widening participation in education, will play a pivotal role in the development of our programmes. Outreach will allow unique access to university teaching staff and undergraduate students, providing a breadth and depth of experience and helping to bridge the gap to university study.

Our outreach offering is aligned to the central aim of The GORSE Academies Trust, that programmes should inspire all children to participate in the study of mathematics, irrespective of their background. Our programmes will actively seek to provide mathematical opportunity for students who are less represented in the A Level and Degree Level study of Mathematics, for example, girls and students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our research tells us that bringing children from these groups together, with like-minded peers, is fundamental to providing them with impetus and networks to excel in mathematics.

Outreach programmes

Year 11: GCSE Maths Masterclass

The session is free for all students and is suitable for students targeting a grade 8 or 9 in their upcoming Maths GCSEs. The aims of the programme are:

  1. Recap key challenging topics that appear in GCSE examinations.
  2. Improve students mathematical problem-solving abilities.
  3. Prepare students to study A-Level Mathematics.

Registration to the course is currently open by clicking here and completing the form.

The first session will begin on Thursday February 2nd, and will run every Thursday during term time from 4:15pm to 5:30pm. The sessions will be delivered by Robert Wilne, our Principal.

Leeds Maths Schools – Year 7 MESME Maths Circles

From January 2023, we will be working with national charity MESME (https://mesme.org/) to deliver Maths Circles to groups of year 7 students in academies across the city.

In a MESME Maths Circle, a small group of students come together with an experienced, knowledgeable mentor to grapple with intriguing questions, to discover and explore exciting ideas, and to learn to think like advanced mathematicians. Maths Circles develop students’ mathematical reasoning and expand their mathematical curiosity, as well as refining their technical knowledge and skills. Students follow a precisely sequenced and carefully structured curriculum.

If you are interested in joining this programme either as a school or a student please get in touch, we would love to hear from you via [email protected] .

“Students already participating say that Maths Circles are both challenging and satisfying! They say they feel part of a mathematical community, in their own Circle and in the wider network of Circles.”