We are developing a range of programmes of

  • teacher CPD in Mathematics and mathematical Sciences, in particular focusing on teaching high-attainers, and
  • sustained enrichment programmes for high-attainers in Key Stage 4 and younger.

All our programmes are free, there is no charge to attend or participate.


AXIOM Maths Circles

LMaS is working in partnership with Axiom Maths a charity that is developing a fully-funded enrichment programme, called Maths Circles, for high-attainers in Key Stages 3 and 4. The programme starts in Year 7.

In an Axiom Maths Circle, a small group of students come together regularly with an experienced, knowledgeable mentor to grapple with intriguing questions, to discover and explore exciting ideas, and to learn to think like advanced mathematicians. The questions, tasks and explorations in Maths Circles develop students’ mathematical reasoning and expand their mathematical curiosity, at the same time as refining their technical knowledge and skills. In their Circles, students engage with tasks that they find challenging but satisfying, they develop their knowledge of significant topics in mathematics, and they follow a coherent and carefully sequenced curriculum.

If you are a teacher, a student, a parent or carer, or a school leader and you are keen to participate in the Maths Circles programme, please email [email protected].

“Students already participating say that Maths Circles are both challenging and satisfying! They say they feel part of a mathematical community, in their own Circle and in the wider network of Circles.”

GCSE Maths Masterclasses

This programme is for Year 11 students targeting grade 8 or 9 in their Mathematics GCSE. Students will:

  • dive deep into fascinating mathematical ideas, some familiar and some brand-new;
  • explore ideas that are surprising, intriguing and inspiring;
  • make connections between seemingly-different GCSE topics;
  • strengthen their conceptual understanding;
  • improve their mathematical reasoning;
  • develop their problem-solving skills;
  • be better prepared to study Mathematics or Further Mathematics in Year 12.

Registration to the course will open shortly. The sessions are led by Robert Wilne, LMaS Principal.