School Life

As a prospective student we know that you will want to find out more about your time at LMaS. Within these pages you will find further details about the life of a student at LMaS, with information about:

  • Your timetable
  • Our enrichment programme
  • Student support

As a prospective student we know that you will be curious about your time at LMaS and keen to learn about us. As well as the information that you see within these pages, we would also encourage you to take advantage of information events that we run or contact us directly with any specific questions.

LMaS will provide you with the opportunity to study alongside people who share the same passion for mathematics as you, in an environment which will foster a spirit of collaborative working and exploration. Please do take the time to find out more. Within this section you will find information on student timetables, our enrichment programme, student support and wellbeing. Further details on the subjects offered at LMaS are available within the Curriculum pages of this site.

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