Supporting LMaS students with medical needs

When an LMaS student or their parent or carer has made us aware of a medical need that is ongoing or continual, we will work with them to implement an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) that is reviewed annually or earlier if the student’s medical needs change. We will endeavour to contact and liaise with relevant health professionals who are part of the student’s medical team, and to incorporate these recommendations into the IHCP. When developing an Individual Health Care Plan, we will consider:

  • The medical condition, signs, symptoms and treatments.
  • The student’s resulting needs, including medication.
  • The level of support needed: if a student is self-managing their medication, this will be clearly stated, with appropriate arrangements for monitoring.
  • Who will provide support for the student, and their training needs.
  • Arrangements for written permission from parents or carers and the Principal for medication to be administered by a member of LMaS staff, or self-administered by the student during school hours.
  • Arrangements for school trips or other school activities.
  • What to do in the event of an emergency, including whom to contact, and contingency arrangements.

An Individual Pupil Risk Assessment (IPRA) will also be carried out by trained members of LMaS staff. The information will ensure the risks to the student are minimised as far as possible while they are in the care of Leeds Mathematics School. Parents and carers will receive a copy of the IPRA, and can contribute or request changes to it. IPRAs will be reviewed at least once a year or sooner if new medical information is shared with us.