Supporting LMaS Students with SEND

At LMaS we are ambitious and aspirational for the outcomes and successes of all our students, and we are constantly striving to improve and tailor the support available to the needs of every individual. LMaS students who need additional support remain in the classroom, lecture theatre or laboratory with their peers. Teachers strive to ensure their needs are met equitably alongside, not apart from, and everyone is included within all aspects of our academic provision and community. Outstanding quality of teaching for all LMaS students, especially those with identified SEN, is intrinsic to the recruitment and continuing professional development of every member of LMaS staff.

We pride ourselves that we get to know each and every LMaS student. This goes beyond a superficial learning of everyone’s names, and we strive for deeper intrinsic understanding of every individual’s strengths, their personality and what makes them happy, their aspirations, and the areas of education and wellbeing where they need our help and support. We regularly and carefully review the quality of teaching for all LMaS students, including those at risk of underachieving. This includes reviewing and, aware necessary, improving, teachers’ knowledge of the SEN most frequently encountered in our provision and their understanding of strategies to identify and support vulnerable students.

Analysis of assessment data, classroom visits, and tracking and monitoring help us to identify LMaS students that require support or intervention, and we are constantly adapting to the evolving needs of our students, supporting them towards greater independence and autonomy throughout their journey into adulthood. LMaS students with an IEP can expect regular reviews, and active changes to their plans focusing on the support they need at that particular time.

Where it is felt that an student’s SEND requires a level of risk assessment, an Individual Pupil Risk Assessment (IPRA) will be carried out and shared with staff and First Aiders where appropriate. All students with an IPRA are identified in the SIMS registration system.