Supporting our students

Leeds Mathematics School is a socially diverse, culturally rich, intentionally inclusive community in which all LMaS students, their parents and carers, and LMaS staff feel safe and welcome, and where everyone is encouraged and enabled to develop themselves intellectually and personally.

At the heart of LMaS is our commitment to kindness and intentional inclusivity. We value and facilitate the full participation of everyone in every aspect of our community: in academic, social and extra-curricular activities, in everything we offer and organise.

We are dedicated to ensuring that LMaS is a place where all our students, their parents and carers, and all our staff know they belong. This takes work; we all share in the desire to create this type of community, and it takes everyone’s participation, every day, to create and sustain this.

Intentional inclusion is the principle at the heart of all the actions we take, individually and collectively, to empower every member of the LMaS community to contribute in a way that truly values their input and perspective. We are committed to ensuring that the right structure and support are in place for every LMaS student to achieve highly, to have equitable access to the fullest range of life chances and future options, and to make a successful transition into adulthood.


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We care deeply how LMaS students, LMaS staff and parents and carers feel as part of LMaS. We want everyone to experience kindness, acceptance and welcome, in a clear demonstration of equity that rises above difference.

If you have any questions about our provision of support for all our students, including for LMaS students with SEND, please contact Dr Joanna Rhodes, Vice Principal (Students and Outcomes) or Miss Bethany Alexis (Progress Tutor) by emailing [email protected].

Joanna Rhodes

Joanna Rhodes

Vice-Principal, Students & Outcomes SENDCO
Bethany Alexis

Bethany Alexis

Personal Progression Tutor